Visiting Budapest whilst vegan in October

We visited the beautiful city of Budapest for a week. Here are my thoughts on the vegan food and my time there. I won’t go into detail and everything we did or every meal, just my favourites.

The weather ranged from 16 degrees Celsius when we first arrived and went up to 24 degrees over the weekend. So, it was jacket weather but at the same time bring some lighter clothes, so you do not sweat as much as I did.

There was so much to do in the city. From the baths, the countless museums, historical buildings, old town, caving, the spas, even just admiring the bridges and so much more.

The Airbnb that we stayed in was a few minutes’ walk from Astoria so we pretty much walked everywhere except for the adventure caving that we did. It was very spacious and one of the only downfalls was the three flights of stairs that we had to climb daily. Although we ended up staying out for most of the day coming back to drop coats off or have a quick rest, the stairs were not as big of an issue as we first thought they would be. We also had breakfast in the Airbnb every morning instead of going out for breakfast, which was also an easy way to save money. Although Budapest was an affordable city to visit if you don’t just do the expensive tours and restaurants which are around the city.

At first, I was a bit worried about being vegan on the trip, as I thought I would have to cook for myself the entire time, so I would be missing out on the food. But that was not the case at all.

If anything, there was is much choice and we didn’t end up going to all of them. The first day we were feeling a bit lazy and happy cow (great free app which shows you the closest restaurants that have vegan options) found a restaurant that was literally across the road from the Airbnb we were staying in.

It was called Attaboy.

I had a fried Tofu burger with some chips. It was a great first start and it was an affordable meal that filled me up nicely.

As I mentioned before we also went caving in the Pál-völgyi cave which was the highlight of the trip for me. The tour guide was knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. You could tell she was passionate about caving and it made the experience so much more enjoyable for me. It was great value at 10,000 HUF which was paid on the day with cash. I would recommend adventure caving when visiting Budapest. There were quite a few tight gaps so if you are claustrophobic I wouldn’t recommend it, or I would suggest looking into the walking tour.

Right back to the food.

I went to Las vegans three times on the trip. I absolutely loved it. The first time I went I had the cheesy pizza which was delicious but probably a bit too cheesy for me. The vegan cheese seemed to stick to my teeth very easily.

The second and third time however I ended up getting the seitan burger which I thought tasted great. It was the first vegan burger which had a texture which was like meat. It was the best vegan burger that I have tried so far. Although I won’t lie, I have only tried three at this point and two were the seitan burger I have just mentioned.

For one of our evenings out we went to Vicky Barcelona which had a flavourful vegan paella and I also had the potato’s which helped make the meal more filling. I would suggest getting another side as I thought was feeling a bit hungry once we started to have a few drinks. The live music there created a great atmosphere and the waiters were friendly and knowledgeable, which always helps make the evening meals more enjoyable.

Once we finished our meal we went over to the Hotsy Totsy bar. Which served cocktails, there is no menu, you tell then what kind of drink you would like, and they make it for you. It was a great experience and the barman even chiselled a diamond right in from of me. I would recommend. We went on a Thursday and a Saturday; however, I would recommend going on the Thursday as it still had the great environment but without the huge crowd.

And the finally the best meal I had which like a homemade whole food meal but better was from the restaurant Dobrumba. I wish I had taken pictures of the meal there. But I sat down and literally just wolfed it down. I had the muhammara which was a Syrian roasted red pepper with walnut and pomegranate seeds served with bread. And for the main I had the vegetable shawarma. I will be trying to create these whilst at home as I have never tried pomegranate seeds in a meal before but thought it added a interesting texture and taste to the meal.

Overall Budapest has been one of my favourite cities to visit in Europe. There was so much to do. I would recommend making a list and ticking the activities off as you go. Bring comfortable shoes with you and you’ll have a great time. All the people we spoke to knew English and we didn’t struggle to order anything or whilst we were travelling to the Airbnb or the cave.

Thank you for reading.

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