Short story

I have been trying to get into writing more, and recently I have been using r/writingpromts to help me practice writing.

Here is a story story I wrote yesterday based on the prompt below. Any feedback is welcomed.

“Once mankind perfected virtual reality, they chose it over their real one. Years passed and the world they used to inhabit has changed greater than they ever could imagine, not that they cared. One day, the wires of your headset short circuit, allowing you to return to reality.”
I was laying in the deck chair by the beach. The where didn’t matter, just the cosmo that I was sipping and the crash of the waves every 5 to 10 seconds. The golden sand and deep blue ocean was memorising, this was my perfect evening. I couldn’tafford it in reality but that didn’t matter, with the invention of the RealTv I was able to feel the sand in between my toes, the sweat on my arms from the sun. This was the life. The waiter who I had named peaches came round and asked if I would like to havea refill. I never declined a refill, they were free and still allowed the user to get tipsy. I watched the waves crash against the rocks for a few more minutes before settling in for the night. I closed my eyes falling into a deep sleep within seconds.

The buzzing noise grew and the sun started to get too hot almost as if it was going to burn my skin. I immediately pulled my legs under the umbrella but the smell of burning soon started and small flames started to form on the umbrella. The material was slowly burned away and all that was left was the metal. My skin started to burn again and I started to scream my skin pealing away in a gooey mess. The sun flickered and there was a loud bang. I was back in my room again. A dim lit bedsit.

I sat in my damp clothes shaking from my RealTv exit. That was a bad one, I have had a few of those before but they were never that bad. I looked at the clock it was half 4 in the morning and there was a smell of smoke in the room. My 10000 pound Tv was fried. I sat there shaking, I can’t even call customer service they were not open today. Why did this have to happen this week. I was having a particularly bad week, my boss is looking at having a meeting about the future of the company and from the rumours I have been hearing it won’t be a good one.

I got up and looked outside, the sun was starting to rise it wasn’t as pretty as the sunrise on the TVs they were perfected by the engineers and had vibrant colours that lit up the area. I had some breakfast and threw some clothes on. Today was Sunday so I would have to survive the whole day without the TV. I had no idea what I would do. I left my empty looking bedsit and walked down the dark corridors. They hadn’t been bothered to fix the lights when the bulbs went a few months ago. I took the lift down from floor ten and walked briskly out of the building.

The polluted air was not refreshing and I started to wonder why I even bothered to come out of the studio. The burnt wire smell was only slightly worse than this. The sky looked grey and cloudy but you could see spots where the sun shone down. One of the rays went down to a tree. The only one I had seen in years. I wonder if that had always been there or if I had just missed it trying to get back to the TV. I had time to kill today, so I set off in the direction of the tree. I walked along the empty roads taking everything in for what felt like the first time. The buildings were all dark and intimidating 20 plus story high flats and offices. Some of them had stood without having any maintenance for the last few years. There were pot holes and uneven roadseverywhere. I bet none of the bulbs in the lampposts worked either. Nothing worked anymore. I continued walking looking at what seemed like the wasteland that once was London.

I eventually reached the tree. It might have been a park a few decades ago, but today it had one tree and a bench. There was a pigeon sitting on one of the branches looking at me. I hadn’t thought to bring any food with me so I was unable to feed it so I just stared back. After a few seconds it looked away, at this point I sat on the unstable bench and wondered how we had all ended up like this. I sat there until I felt hungry. The pigeon had flown away and I had not seen a single person walk past. I had never felt so alone. It was amazing how much the TV could cover up. I would have to get it fixed tomorrow.
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